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Apps to Take Your Parenting to the Next Level

Nobody has to tell you how to be a parent. Despite those fears of failure that nag all moms and dads, it does come naturally.

However, as a present-day parent, you have access to tools and information around the clock, even in the wee hours of the morning when your little one wakes. Here are some of the top apps that make parenting (almost) a breeze.

But first…

Before you start downloading, make sure you have a phone that can handle the additions. You will want apps to capture your memories, keep track of your sleeping baby, and provide up-to-date insight on their growth and development. All of these require power, memory, a terrific camera, and a great screen! 

With all that in mind, look for a smartphone that fits your needs and your budget. New devices can be had for as little as $0 when you sign up with a new provider. Whatever you choose, be sure the device has ample storage for all of your apps, which should include the following:

Cloud Baby Monitor

The Cloud Baby Monitor was one of the first to offer online connectivity through a smart device. This makes sense for parents who don’t sit in one spot when their baby naps or goes down for the evening. In addition to giving you a birds-eye view of your Sleeping Beauty or Prince Charming, you can also talk to your baby whether you are in the house or not. It also features a direct-from-app playlist feature. When you are ready for another addition–or if you have multiples–you can connect more than one monitor to your smartphone.


Cozi is a handy piece of organization software for the entire family. Considering that raising a baby is hard work, the power to delegate tasks is a must, especially for working parents. It comes with several fun features like the ability to create a shopping list right from your phone. This comes in handy if you are unable to head out, since you can simply email it with a single click to your spouse or significant other. 

You also can store recipes, and the app can even help you find a quick dinner for the evenings when you don’t have time to prepare a well-thought-out meal. And trust us, as A Mindful Mom points out, there will be many nights when you’ll be glad to have a 30-minute dinner in your back pocket!

Wonder Weeks

Every baby is unique, but with hundreds of years of parenting history in the books, there is information galore that can help inform new parents of what’s typical and what isn’t. The Wonder Weeks app helps you understand your baby’s cries, crankiness, and clingy constitution, and alerts you to each of the 10 predictable developmental leaps he will make in the first 20 months of life. The purpose of the app is to ease your apprehension and help you understand how your bouncing bundle perceives the world outside the womb, navigating those moments when you just aren’t sure if you should call mom, the doc, or ride things out.


It is not enough to know that your baby is making changes, you will also want to catalog them as well. Enter DayOne, a journaling app that lets you do just that. If you have an Apple Pen and a free hand, you can make handwritten notes, and although you’ll swear you won’t be tempted to record your baby’s worst moments, you can even capture midnight scream sessions on audio to share when they are in middle school. Even better, the app stores stories and photos, which you can have turned into a memory book that you will cherish forever.

Being a parent in the 21st century has its perks. Apps, many of which are free, are one of them. While you certainly don’t want your phone at the dinner table, there is no shame in keeping it close by for advice, to monitor your little one, or to simply record the moments and milestones that make memories. 

Article written by MomsBeyond guest writer, Josh Moore.

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