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Four Baby Carriers Every New Mom Needs to Know About

After you bring your beautiful new baby home one thing you will quickly learn is that they love to be held and snuggled all day and night. They instantly feel comfortable in your arms, loving your scent and the sound of your heartbeat. It's all precious and lovely until you realize that you can't just live on your couch for the next 3 months, and that you need to shower and potentially cook and clean at some point so that your house doesn't fall to pieces. 

So, what's a girl to do? How can you possibly accomplish anything while you are holding a newborn baby all day long? This is where a baby carrier or wrap comes into play. If you have multiple children, this will be your lifesaver and something you CANNOT live without! Having both hands free while your little one snoozes against your chest is nothing short of amazing. Think of how productive you could be!

Here are 4 Baby Carriers/Wraps that I love:

Beluga Baby Wrap

This wrap is so incredibly soft and cozy! They use Bamboo fabric which is the perfect fabric for babywearing because it wicks away moisture from your body allowing you and baby to stay cool. This fabric is also extremely stretchy which allows it to fit every and any body type or weight. They also have the cutest colors and patterns! What we love most about this wrap is that there is no minimum weight! You can literally use it from day one and it's good up to 25-30 lbs. Aside from having both hands free, I loved being able to nurse while holding baby in this wrap. Any time either one of my girls were fussy or upset they would instantly calm down in this wrap and I was even able to get them to nap in there as well! It was such a lifesaver and got me through the fourth trimester! This wrap is also very portable, so it's perfect for taking on vacation and using it in the airport. Let's face it, anything to make travelling with a baby easier is totally worth it!

Tula Baby Carrier

What I love most about this carrier is that it supports safe development for your baby's body by ensuring they stay in the 'M' position. This brand really does care about your baby's development and that certainly shows in the designs of their products. The other thing that I love is how comfortable this carrier is. The shoulder straps are padded and provide so much support you never feel like your back or neck are being strained. The material is also very breathable which again is great for warmer climates and for ensuring your babe stays nice and cool. This carrier can be used from 15- 45 lbs without the infant insert and from 7lbs using the infant insert (which is sold separately). They also have a new design called their “Free to Grow” carrier which is good from 7-45 lbs! It is so easy to use, and the straps are can be adjusted very easily--no fumbling around while your baby is losing their marbles! Their “Free to Grow” and “Standard” carriers support a forward and back carry, and they recently came out with a Tula “Explore” carrier which supports a front-facing carry in addition to forward and back-- so you have all options available to you! I cannot recommend it enough! It is so good!

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier

This carrier is perfect for babies who have grown out of their newborn wrap and are ready to explore! The option to have your baby in several different positions is a lifesaver! Especially for the active baby who needs to see what’s going on! I love having 4 different positions to choose from because let’s face it--babies are unpredictable. What works one day may not work the next! This carrier is also extremely comfortable for both mom/dad and baby! So, it is perfect for longer outings or activities and fantastic for active families! This carrier is also machine washable! Hallelujah! Music to any moms’ ears! With a bit of practice, this carrier is extremely easy to use. A must-have on any baby registry!

Baby K’tan Baby Wrap

If you are looking for a no muss no fuss baby wrap, this is the wrap for you! No wrapping involved and it's so easy to put on! Literally anyone can do it! The only thing you need to be mindful of is that you have the correct size wrap--their website makes this easy to find out as they have a sizing calculator! There are 5 different carrying positions and the wrap is good from birth to 35 lbs so you can basically use it for your baby’s whole first year! The price point is perfect so if you have your eye on a couple of carriers, this would be a perfect wrap to invest in! If you are someone who travels frequently, this wrap is perfect for you since it can easily fit in your diaper bag. I also need to mention that it is machine washable, since let’s face it, babies are MESSY! 

I hope you enjoyed our favorite baby carriers/wraps! I would love to know what some of your favorites are! Please let me know in the comments! Happy baby wearing!

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