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7 Screen Free Summer Activities For Your Kids

Summer vacation is almost upon us! The kids are getting antsy during the last few weeks of school (if they aren’t out already), and you’re getting antsy thinking about how you’re going to keep them occupied without resorting to screens all summer long. Rest easy, and read on, because we have some great screen-free activities to last you and the kiddos through the summer.

1. Get Crafty in the Kitchen

Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve an oven; it’s too hot for that! But it does involve raiding your pantry for common items like cornstarch, powdered sugar and icing. Add in some white glue and contact solution, and you are ready to make slime, oobleck and edible playdough. Check out Pinterest for great recipes for each, and let your kids go wild with color combinations!

2. Backyard Campout

A backyard campout is a great way to pretend that you’ve gotten away, with the comforts of home close by. Pack your sleeping bag, pitch a tent, and break out the hot dogs in true camping fashion. Get the kids involved with packing snacks, setting up the tent and teaching them the constellations as they fall asleep under the stars.

3. Play Tourist in your Own Town

When’s the last time that you took in your city’s must-see sites? Strap on your fanny pack and slip your socks into sandals: it’s tourist time, baby. Whether your city offers attractions that are known the world over, or a small museum with local artifacts, take the time to check out something that is new to the kids and let them marvel at what they learn.

4. Lemonade Stand

A quintessential childhood experience, setting up a lemonade stand is always a good idea! Between setting up and selling time, it can also take up a good chunk of the day, which is always a win! Have the kids decorate their stand with streamers, balloons, and signs, and then get them to work squeezing lemons and stirring in sugar. They’ll enjoy creating their own business and the spoils that come with it! 

5. Water Balloon Fight

With scorching summer heat only a few weeks away we are already thinking of ways to stay cool! It’s time to practice your aim; we’ve never seen a kid turn down the opportunity for a water balloon fight. Check out local shops for reusable, eco-friendly water balloons that can be reused. 

6. Park Crawl

Grab a map of the city and make note of any parks or playgrounds. Get each family member to pick a park that they want to see that day. It could be one they’ve never been to, or an old favorite! Pack a picnic, and lots of water, and set off to spend time at each park and see what it has on offer!

7. Learn a New Skill

Has your child always wanted to learn to juggle? Do a backflip? Make the perfect omelet? Now’s the time to try it out (with proper safety precautions, of course)! Let your child explore their interests and see their self-confidence grow as they master a new technique or skill set. 

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