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An Ode to Osprey

An Ode to Osprey

As moms, it goes without saying that we take the recommendations of other mothers very seriously. Until I hear a kid has actually used something and liked it, I’m skeptical of the manufacturing claims or salesperson’s pitch. I need some real-world feedback, and though every kid is different, every mother knows that an invaluable item in the parenting arsenal is irreplaceable. I trust other moms. So, when my husband showed up with a brand-new hiking pack for our six-month-old son, I was both annoyed and unimpressed. I hadn’t done any research, and though I love me a good REI item as an avid outdoors woman, I still needed some mom-to-mom advice about what I was getting into.

The Osprey Pack is, I know now, an absolute godsend to hiking mothers everywhere. At the time, I snorted as my husband poured over the little details that made it a great purchase. No mom had told me about this pack. I was dubious, but I also curious; what sort of innovations might be on the market now? And, we needed it, since the hiking pack we had been gifted was brittle with age, the straps literally disintegrating under our fingers.

We took it, and our baby camping a month later. We had a six-mile hike planned and so we secured the baby in the pack, adjusted the straps, and my husband put it on with barely contained excitement. Ladies? Magic. It was magic. Let me tell you how well our kiddo did in that incredibly comfortable pack: mind-blowingly well. He was happy, comfortable, high up to observe everything, and gently lulled by the sway of dad’s stride. There was cushioning all around him so even when he got rocked bit harder on rough terrain he was never in danger of hitting an aluminum rod or stiff support.

So why the Osprey over other packs? Well, not only could my husband wear it comfortably, but I could too. I wear this pack literally every day. It’s my favorite way to walk with my baby at the large dog park we visit every morning. There is an adjustment on the back of the pack which extends the surface area so either it can accommodate a taller person (my husband) or a tiny person (myself). It is nicely padded around the hip straps and you can cinch the straps up high and/or mid-level to keep your baby tightly to you. There is an extra piece that pulls out to cover your baby from the rain while its sides are mesh for breath-ability and visibility. The weight distribution is a thing of beauty and there are little stirrups that can be adjusted so your child can push down and stand up (while being neatly clipped in and safe).

Osprey packs is not paying me to say this. From one mom to another, I could not recommend this pack more. It’s great for hiking, dog parks, city walks, etc. The only drawback is that my kid can’t fall asleep in the pack. There’s too much open space around him and even if his little head goes down to rest against the cushion in front, the walking motion causes his forehead to slide around and constantly wake him up. It’s a small price to pay for general comfort and ease of use. 

It’s a good product, not just well-made but appears to be long-lasting. I’m sure in fifteen years when I give it to another mother she’ll pull on a strap and it’ll turn to dust, but… I’m optimistic.

If you’d like to give it a try and see a bit more about the specs, I encourage you to check it out here

Let me know what you think!


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Autumn B

Autumn Bettinger is an outdoor-minded momma with a toddler and a lot to learn. She started writing about her experiences as a way to connect to other mothers and inspire them and their kids to get outdoors. Her blog has since evolved into writings about the day-to-day mom life with sprinkles of environmental education. Turns out, she was going to be an incredibly ambitious backpacking mother... before she had a baby. Now it's everything she can do to keep her son from stuffing leaves in his mouth on walks through the dog park.
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