April can be....

April can be....

Maybe it would be easier to take a step away from what is coming. 

Perhaps you have no idea what is coming. But our family does. The month of April is hard on us!

 Let me tell you why. 

I'm a mother. I have three beautiful children, and two of my children are diagnosed on the autism spectrum. 

April is autism awareness month, which would not be a huge deal if we were a normal family. 

But we are an internet-sharing family. And in case you are confused about what that means. We are the family that shares so many parts of our life online to spread awareness and educate others. Sometimes it's like having a huge target on our family at times. 

The downside to sharing online is that you need to have thick skin. Which honestly, I do but this year is our first year officially saying to the many and experiencing an April with two children on the spectrum. 

In April, I find the internet gets ugly with parents rarely coming together and celebrating this month & their children. This month tends to be filled with a large amount of ugly online and people trying to force their beliefs & ideals onto others. 

The month of April is famous for having so many individuals claiming we need to cure our kids on the spectrum. 

April is a hard month for parents raising loved ones on the spectrum. 

Some of us parents go into hiding. 

Some of us parents stand our ground. 

Some of us parents are in tears for the entire month. 

Maybe it would be easier to take a step away from the internet this April. But I am not the parent who steps away. I am the parent who educates and shares regardless of the month; our life is always hard, complicated & beautiful. 

And I would like others to see all of it!

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Hello Friends, I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. My two boys are on the autism spectrum. Our family lives in Canada & one day I hope to travel to Africa. I am a lover of coffee & I enjoy spreading kindness to as many people as I cross paths with. I dabble in blogging but my calling in life is advocating for those who have no voice & need their story to be told.

I recently started homeschooling my 3 children which has been such a learning curve for myself.

I am working on being more self aware and making sure to self care as I live a busy life. Taking a break is important so you can always be your best self for your kids.

Can't wait to connect & I am so glad you are all ready to hear from me.

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