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Baby Gear You Really Need Double of for Twins

Baby Gear You Really Need Double of for Twins

When I realized I was expecting twins, a lot of emotions fluttered through me. I was totally shocked, nervous, excited, anxious and elated all at the same time. And once I really got over all of the surprise and realized I was actually having two babies, the organized perfectionist in me started to think about all the things and items I would really need to accomodate my twins.

I wanted to buy 2 of everything: I started to think about how I wanted to be fair to both my twins in providing them their own things, and strangely enough, I suddenly wanted everything to be matching (not easy to do, especially with some of the baby gear I’d saved from my first son that was now about 4 years old). However, considering the small space in my apartment and my desire to save money as I knew I’d be staying home from work for a while and only on one income, I thought more carefully about what I needed to buy doubles or more of.

It’s been nearly a year and a half now since having my twins! In this list below I am sharing the baby items we absolutely needed double of and completely do not regret having more of for our twinsies:

  1. Double stroller - you absolutely have to have a stroller that can accommodate 2 kids! Even if you occasionally use an infant carrier for one and stroller for the other, eventually they’ll grow to the point where carrying them won’t be such a great option. Our stroller gets us through every point of our day, especially living in the city - it is my most used item! Don’t feel guilty about splurging on this one!
  2. Car seats - absolutely MUST have 2 car seats (infant ones or convertible ones) You need 2 car seats to take each of your babies home from the hospital anyway, and of course, for any time in the car. There’s no skipping this one.
  3. Cribs & mattresses - I had my twins share a crib until about 4 months old because I felt they should continue to be together as they were in the womb, but once they started rolling around and moving, I knew it was time for separate beds. So this one can wait a little on this list, when compared to the other items perhaps, but definitely plan on buying 2 cribs (or pack ‘n plays like I use) and 2 mattresses for your twins to use. There’s no precise time - it’s up to you!
  4. Baby bedding - doubles of baby bedding will be needed (even if you’re using one crib for a while) because 2 babies means double the amount of spit up, vomit or leaking diapers! You will change many, many blankets and crib sheets, etc.
  5. High chairs - 2 places for each baby to eat are necessary because you’re likely going to feed your twins at the same time (otherwise you’ll be feeding everyone forever), but like the cribs, the highchairs are something you can wait to buy later when your babies are around 6 months of age.
  6. Bouncer seats - I recommend having 2 bouncer seats because you’ll need to put your twins down throughout the day. It’s impossible to always be carrying them, and no matter how big or small your living space is, having 2 bouncer seats offers a safe place for each of your babies to “sit” in throughout their awake time. These are also easy items to carry around from one room to the next in your home OR even to take with you to some place like Grandma’s house, etc.
  7. Bottles - you can never have enough bottles for a child, and that holds true especially for twins! Somehow we always manage to lose a few bottles over some time or bottle nipples become damaged once those sharp baby teeth start coming in. Do invest in double the amount of bottles from the beginning with twins, especially because finding time to even wash all the bottles they go through in those first few weeks can be so overwhelming: having extra bottles handy will help!
  8. Nursing pillow: you have the choice to get 2 nursing pillows or a twin pillow (like the Twin Z I invested in) because they make so many varieties nowadays. I put this item on the list because of the versatility in use that comes with nursing pillows - obviously they can be used for nusing, but they also come in handy for things like tummy time or just propping baby up when they’re learning to sit up. They also help get great twin pics by just laying a pretty blanket over them and snapping away!
  9. Diapers & diapering supplies - double the babies means double the pee and poop and diaper rash! Everything diaper related will be needed in double, always!
  10. Bibs & receiving blankets - I wish I bought more bibs and receiving blankets earlier on. We went through a ton of bibs all the time because we used them even before our twins started eating solids, and then of course to salvage a bit of their clothes once they did start eating real foods. Receing blankets are a double necessity as they make for burp cloths, comfort items, swaddling, covering or playtime.

Ultimately, mamas should decide for themselves what and how much of they need of something for their children. I hope my list is practical for other twin moms and moms of “twins plus one.” Twins definitely require many more items, but there are still lots of baby gear items you really still only need one of: Infant carrier, exersaucer, infant seat, bath sling, swing, playmat, thermometer, baby monitor, humidifier, etc. Take it slowly as you get to know your kids and find what their needs and preferences are! And keep in mind for those items you only have one of that twinning is all about sharing anyway.

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