Cheers to the New Year

Cheers to the New Year

2021 might not have been your year, I know that it wasn't mine. 

Maybe you had goals that you didn't meet. 

Maybe you didn't lose that 15 lbs. you were aiming to lose. 

Maybe you had goals of paying off your debt and that didn't happen. 

Maybe you didn't organize the house like you wanted, or got to any of the house projects that you were hoping to finish. 

Maybe you got angry with your littles when you had decided you wanted to be more patient. 

And maybe, you didn't hit your reading goal for the year or your sweat goal. You didn't move your body for 30 minutes a day, or watch your monthly spending...

Maybe, just maybe, 2021 just wasn't your year. 

But maybe, hear me out, just maybe, you can give yourself a little grace. 

By giving yourself grace, maybe when 2022 hits you will look at yourself in the mirror and raise your glass to yourself for not necessarily meeting your goals, but for surviving. 

Maybe you will recognize that 2021 wasn't a lot of people's year and even though you didn't make those goals, you accomplished surviving the last 365 days and that is okay to do. Surviving the last 365 days has been a challenge for most, and you did it with littles!

So cheers to you!

Raise your glass, because I am clapping and cheering for you. For the accomplishments that you have achieved are what truly matters at the end of the day. And on the days that you begin to get down on yourself for not meeting your goals, I want you to remind yourself that...

You are alive.

You are resilient.

You are motivated and determined even on the days you don't think that you are. 

Though you may still have those few extra pounds, and maybe you didn't pay off that debt you thought would be long gone. But we are entering a new year and that allows you new opportunities to live a brand new 365 days. 

So as you sit down to reflect on this last year and you begin to think about your goals for this next year, remember to give yourself grace. Start small and think about what you want to accomplish for 2022 and think about what you need to do right now in order to get there. 

It's never too late for that new beginning. 

It's never too late to start fresh. 

It's never too late to restart. 

OR, and this might be a pretty big shocker, but maybe, you are pretty great the way you are and it's okay if you stay just the way you are. 

Cause who you are survived 2021, and I think that that is pretty awesome. 

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My name is Sebastiana, but most just call me SB, and I am an adventurer. I've had a wandering spirit ever since I was a little girl and now that I am a mother I get to share that spirit with my tiny humans. My goal is to instill this wandering spirit in those around me and show you that having children doesn't mean that wandering spirit diminishes. It is possible and I want to show you how! I love to share my adventures as well as I also share tips on traveling with kids, photography, and being a woman/momma in the outdoor community.

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