DIY New Baby Gift Basket

DIY New Baby Gift Basket
August 01, 2019

Step 1: Gather some New Mom Essentials for Baby
Here are some ideas of practical items to include that would be useful for any new mom:

- Diapers
- Wipes
- Destin
I have tried EVERY diaper cream out there, and Destin is my go to. It is thick enough that it doesn’t disappear and helps baby stay covered, and protected from diaper rashes!

- Saline Nose Drops
Stuffy noses are bound to happen, and with little ones there isn't much you can do to help. Saline nose drops have helped my girls get through every cold since day one!

- Baby Lotion & Body Wash
Keep that new soft skin clean and smooth! I love Johnson & Johnson Nighttime lotion (I use it too)

- 3mo+ Pacifiers (I'm sure they already have a ton of NB Pacis)

I want to include a few things for Mom in the gift also, so here are a few ideas to add to the basket:

- Tylenol
Because; crying babies

- Coffee Mug
For all those coffee breaks, you're bound to have! Before babies I was NOT a coffee person, but after the sleep deprivation set in I quickly became a huge fan of anything caffeinated!

- Starbucks Gift Card
This is a no-brainer-- New mom & free coffee.. It’s a match made in heaven!

- Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray
Even after being a mom for 2 years now, I am still worried about germs getting passed along to my little girls. I carry this hand sanitizing spray with me in every bag! It's easy to use, smells nice and is all natural!

- Dry Shampoo
It's no secret that being a new mom, showers come slim to none. Dry shampoo is my saving grace! Using a little of this in-between showering really helps freshen up your hair, and smells great. My favorite brand is Bedhead, or Dove!

Step 2: Find a "Basket"
I would like to find a basket once I have purchased everything that'll be going in the gift so I am sure everything I bought will fit nicely! My favorite place to go is Homegoods or Marshalls for this part, they always have awesome baskets for cheap!

Step 3: Put Basket together
Once you have all of the items for your basket, place everything in and add some ribbon or tissue paper to finish it off! I have included a -FREE PRINTABLE- Gift Tag for you to add to your basket!

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