Feeling Pretty Postpartum

Feeling Pretty Postpartum

Goodbye pregnancy glow, hello more wild hormones. Feeling pretty postpartum was and still is difficult for me. Let’s talk about the steps I am taking to love this new body.

The following steps are not in any specific order of importance.

Remember what you just went through

You created a human! Your partners, friends and family will have a whole new appreciation for you. If your partner witnessed the birth, just think about how beautiful they thought you were in that moment. You will always be beautiful in their eyes.

Positive affirmation

As cheesy as this one sounds, it can totally help. Telling yourself that you are beautiful, worthy and loved are great affirmations that you can use daily.

Accept compliments

This is another I struggle with! For some odd reason, there often is something in our mind-set that says we cannot possibly deserve positive feedback. Rather than putting myself down, I will work on being appreciative of those that compliment my progress.

Personal hygiene 

Yep, I went there! Taking time for yourself is important. Squeeze in a shower or bath when hubs is home or the little one is sleeping. Do a face mask and pamper yourself. If you can’t get out of the house for a mani/pedi, try one at home. If you have a toddler or older child, include them in the fun.

Get dressed

If you are a stay at home mom, it can be so easy to stay in your pajamas all day. I’m definitely guilty of it. However, putting on something cute can totally be a confidence booster.

Get dolled up 

Pregnancy made me super lazy when it came to putting makeup on. Somehow, I still only wear makeup occasionally. My must haves include lipgloss and mascara. Plan a date night and go all out!

Eating right

This is one I struggle with the most. I am not breastfeeding, so luckily my poor nutritional intake isn’t affecting my babe. Mommas need to stay healthy to be able to care for their littles. In efforts to eat wellI pre-cut strawberries and pick grapes to snack on throughout the day. Meal prepping is a life saver as well! 

Staying active

Depending on what your doctor clears you for, start walking when you can. This helped me tremendously! It made me feel so great and I could bring my little guy with me! This gives me comfort knowing he is safe and I am doing something good for myself. 

We need to remind ourselves that change doesn’t happen overnight, but these tips can help you work towards feeling good again! Share this with other mothers’ that need the reminder. What other self-love suggestions do you have for mommas? 

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Hey y'all! My name is Haley, and I am the momma behind The Unfiltered Momma Blog. I created my blog in efforts to battle postpartum anxiety. To avoid the excessive worry that accompanies my son's nap times, I utilize this time to express myself through writing. In addition, I use my blog and other social platforms to share all of our gnarly adventures, provide parenting suggestions, and bring joy to other fellow mommas with the use of photos. Follow along to see where our next adventure takes us!

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