High Five Fridays

High Five Fridays

For me, it usually starts like this: I make a comment to my husband like, "ooh, she looks like she's slimmed down" or "she is so beautiful", even, "I love her style". Each time his response to me has been the same: "did you tell her that?" He literally asks me that every time. He could be over having "girly" conversations that I subject him to or he could be on to something bigger. I never have a reason for having NOT told her, I just, you know... don't.  

This all got me to thinking, why do we withhold sincere commendation and recognition for other people?  

In the world of business, it is far more likely that people will share their negative feedback and opinions on experiences than positive ones. This means that, in most cases, people are far more accustomed to hearing the adverse thoughts of others. Imagine a day in your own life, how often are you reminded of the areas where you shine? How often are your skills highlighted? How often are you recognized for your efforts? My guess is that it's rare.  

Now, don't get me wrong, our motives for doing things should never be for recognition, so lest we throw in the towel every time we don't receive it. You should strive to be the best version of yourself even in the absence of recognition from your peers.. but don't you get the warm fuzzies each time someone notices your efforts? It can definitely be the boost that we all need sometimes. Us lifting one another takes absolutely NOTHING away from who we are or what we've accomplished.  

So guess what I'm doing about it!?
When I think about it, I'll say it! I've been on a mission to text and call people when I'm thinking about them, miss them, or even when I'm praying for them. I'm thanking them for being Christian mentors to me or being a great influence. I'm coming right out with the compliments that float around in this head of mine.
I'm challenging myself AND YOU, to not only do the same but take it a step further and compliment women that you don't know. So whether it's her self-confidence, her faith, her style, her diligence, or perseverance that you admire, whether she's near or far, let her know! You see their labor and their grind, you admire their inward and outward beauty, don't be like me and whisper it to someone indifferent, affirm HER.

Every Friday, and all the days between, recognize another lady for simply being great. High five another lady and remind her that she's awesome. Do it publicly, do it privately, do it with sincerity, just do it. So if you hear that catcall, don't be alarmed, girl, it's me!  I'm on a mission, wanna join?!

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Hey there, I'm Tanesha. I am a married, homemaking, mom of 4 with a knack for fashion, love for Jesus and passion for all things family. I love meaningless comedies, hate homework and am a bonafide homebody-with no regrets!

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