How I Lost 42 Pounds

How I Lost 42 Pounds

As most mamas can relate with, you get pregnant for the first time, your body changes, you put on extra weight, and then it just never comes off. I don’t have snap back genes, the weight stayed on, plus some but even then, I never viewed myself as being overweight. I was pushing close to 200 pounds and didn’t think much of it. I wasn’t hard on myself and never thought negatively about my body or weight. I was happy, my husband adored me and my body, and that’s all that mattered to me. Thinking back now, I know I had my insecurities. I would always wear loose flowy tops, never really showed my arms, tried to keep myself covered up, and mastered my angles for photos. Yet I continued to eat what I wanted, when I wanted, NEVER worked out, and I felt fine about myself. However, something changed, and one day I just didn’t feel good. It was back in September, I was at home watching TV and I remember thinking “I feel like crap. I don’t want to feel this way, I need to start doing something.” I didn’t have energy, I was always tired, got winded so easily chasing around my one year old, and never had the motivation to play with my six-year-old. I didn’t want to become a mom whose children remembered me as being “too tired” to ever play with them.

I needed a change, so I texted my sister and asked her to take me to the gym. (That’s what sisters are for, take advantage of their guest passes.) She was all for it and we went that same evening. We started going to the gym every other night and let me tell you it was hard. I downloaded a running app called ‘From Couch Potato to 5K’, and that was a lifesaver. I went from being able to barely run a minute to now being able to run 15 minutes nonstop. Even with working out regularly I didn’t notice any real change, and I was still eating the same. I knew I needed to work on that, but I hate diets! They are the worst and I don’t believe they are easy to stick to long term, they are bandages.

Then one day I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook when I came across an article about a lady who had lost a large amount of weight from alternate day fasting. I had heard about intermittent fasting, but not alternate day fasting, so I did my research. What I learned made so much sense and that was the push I needed to do it myself. October 22nd, 2018 is the day I started my first full fast. I went 36 hours without eating. I won’t sugar coat anything it was excruciating, but I kept reminding myself, “I’m doing this for a reason give it a month and see what happens.” Guzzling water also really helped me throughout my fast day. That first month I lost 18 pounds which was all the motivation I needed to keep going. All together I am down 42 pounds (and counting) since starting and I’m feeling fantastic!

With the new year, I know many will have a resolution to get into shape and lose some weight. I highly recommend alternate day fasting. Once you get through your first week it gets so much easier and it’s been surprisingly easy to stick to.  I also combine fasting with watching my calories on the days I do eat. I use an app called ‘Lose It’ and it gives you your own recommended caloric count based on weight. That doesn’t mean I’m vigorously counting calories, I still indulge in pizza, and all the sweets (my weakness), but I’m mindful about how much I’m putting into my body. I never thought about calories or what was in food, if it tasted good, I ate it, but I now realize that I was eating close to 3000 calories a day if not more.

I’m doing this for me and I’m so proud of my progress. I'm proud to have found the self-discipline in myself and It feels fantastic to go from a size 12/14 to a 6/8, to see the big difference in photos. I’m not a doctor nor a dietitian, I’ve tried many different diets and I was even on weight watchers once. Obviously, they didn’t work! Alternate day fasting is working for me in a way I never thought possible. I write this in hopes that my weight loss journey will encourage and motivate at least one person to give it a try. I was accepting of my body before, but with self-discipline and motivation, I have gotten to a place that truly feels good and I hope the same for you.

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Hello Friends, I’m Stephanie!
I am a stay at home mama of two busy boys; Noah, my wild and sassy 6 year old and new baby Luke, my sweet, delicious chunk of smiley goodness. I’ve been kept balanced by my not so little man child of 8 years and together we live in the Seattle, WA area. I’m a lover of all things sugar, addicted to DIY, and a pullover for yard sales. Thanks for being here!

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This is awesome! Great job 

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