How Parents Can Find Balance While Working From Home

How Parents Can Find Balance While Working From Home
August 04, 2020

Thanks to COVID-19, more people are working from home today than ever before. For some people, this is a welcome change. For others, it’s a major challenge. 

One group most likely to be in the latter camp: parents. Working from home with kids (especially younger kids) can feel next to impossible. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to strike a balance between full-time work and full-time family. Here are some tips that we hope will help: 

De-Stress Your Day

Pent-up anxiety will stop you from making the changes you need to succeed: 

- Start your day with a low-stress morning routine. 

- Make sure you stay hydrated, as too little water can exacerbate stress.

- Eat a balanced, healthy diet, and avoid overeating or skipping meals.

- Consider practicing meditation in the evening to reflect on the day and release anxiety. 

Lighten Your Workload

You can’t do everything at once, so find out what you can cut from your schedule: 

- Define a safe social bubble of people you can turn to for help with a relatively low risk of exposure. 

- Hiring a cleaning service can make household chores less of a burden. 

- Assign your kids age-appropriate chores to help make good use of their time at home. 

- Simplify your life with a solid organizational system.

A remote workforce can make your workday easier, such as a virtual personal assistant. 

Keep the Kids Busy

Make your workday easier by fostering independent time: 

- Independent playtime is great for young children, although they may need lots of breaks. 

- Older children can use their own laptop to play educational games or unwind online. 

- Encourage your kids to spend time outside--if they’re old enough, suggest they take a bike ride around the neighborhood. 

Remember: This won’t last forever. Eventually, your children will be back to school or daycare, you’ll be back in the office and things will feel normal again. In the meantime, focus on doing your best for one another. Find compromises and solutions that leave everyone feeling seen and understood. In doing so, you’ll ensure your family comes out of this time stronger than ever. 

Article written by Momsbeyond guest writer, Lacie Martin

Photo Credit: Pexels

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