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How to Create Fun & Normal Moments for Child Actors & Models

Working at a young age has its perks. Most child actors and models are grateful that they can be in a career so early in life and learn the ins and outs of the industry. At the same time, there's pride in earning their own money, which can help them better secure their future.

However, despite all the advantages of being in show business, child actors and models deal with some serious challenges as well. 

The various responsibilities, long work hours, and erratic schedule can take their toll on a young person's happiness and health. Therefore, parents have to be on their toes in ensuring the well-being of their employed young child.

An effective way of helping young actors and models cope with the unconventional life they live is by creating fun and "normal" moments for them. There's nothing like giving them a day to forget about the typical demands for their time or even just a few hours of pursuing other “normal” interests.


Finding a pocket of free time in a child professional's schedule can prove to be quite tricky. After all, an audition for an important role or a photo shoot can come at just a moment's notice. But don't stress about it so much and focus instead on making any time you get work for you and your child. Here are some tips:

1. Always confirm appointments with your child's talent agency.

While it's a given that actors' and models' schedules can change in a snap, it will still help to coordinate your plans with the talent agency your child is working with. If there's nothing lined up for your child for several days, it's safe to assume that you can dedicate a day for the little one's enjoyment.

Your family can take a trip out of town or go camping for a day or two, without worrying too much about work coming in. Also, if you inform the agency of your plans, they may take it upon themselves to make the necessary adjustments to their young talent's schedule.

2. Make every moment you have together count.

“Together moments” are those situations wherein you and your child are physically with each other. This can be something as simple as a trip to the local grocer after school or work to buy ingredients for dinner or doing chores at home. Instead of just rushing through such activities, involve your child and connect with them.

Talk about their dreams and what they want to do when she gets a break from school and work. Let ideas flow, and you both may end up with plans that will keep them even more excited for the future.

3. Set boundaries.

If your child's school and work schedule are completely taking over her life, step in, and take control. One of the most common questions about children working as models or actors is what can be done about a hectic schedule that's affecting the well-being of the talent. According to a top talent agency, parents have an ultimate say about a talent's schedule.

So, if you feel like your child is over-scheduled and is anxious and exhausted because of it, you can give your child a much-needed breather. They'll appreciate it and learn to turn to you more for rescue and support.

4. Take advantage of your child's reach-outs.

If you are a stay-at-home parent or your job allows you a considerable amount of free time, do not hesitate to drop everything when your child wants to do something with you. Take advantage of this and create a moment of togetherness and fun.

Your child will not be young for long. They will demand less of your attention and time as they get older and become more independent. So, if your child wants to spend their free time with you for a trip to the mall or to eat out, grab this special opportunity for a date.

Seemingly Trivial Activities Can Mean So Much

When you have a child who is actively working on achieving their dreams, they are already doing something extraordinary. Most people do not get to do what they are doing until they have finished university. Therefore, it is crucial to inject moments of complete normalcy for them, too.

Let them have fun and be a kid. Also, strengthen your connection with each other. The support of parents is one of the most critical factors behind well-adjusted, successful working children.


Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specializing in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia's biggest brands, media properties, and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.

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