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How to Decide Whether You Want Another Baby?

How to Decide Whether You Want Another Baby?

The topic of having children can be a sensitive one for most couples. There are various factors involved that make it challenging. 

In reality the decision process can be broken down like this:

1. Make up your mind

2. Talk to your partner

3. Make a uniform decision

It seems easy and straightforward but there are so many things that influence these steps. And it’s likely that this process may take as little as a few days to a few years.

These days with our current global events and rising cost of living, more and more couples are deferring having children, choosing to have just one or not having any at all.

For me and my husband, we were brought up with multiple siblings within big families. My dad is one of twelve and my husband has five siblings! Family events and yearly celebrations have always been so full and so much fun.

And even now, as I enter my 3rd year of motherhood, I can attribute my sanity and happiness to the village that is made up of my family.

The richness and abundance of life, for me, is largely due to the family I’ve been raised by (my parents/siblings, Lolas/Lolos, Titas/Titos and cousins). 

I am who I am because of them.

Understandably, we all have a different upbringing. The thought of family for some can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. 

Luckily for me, my husband shares some of my experiences & values so we, together, decided we would like more than one child. 

Of course we received a multitude of comments asking when the 2nd child would be coming (before I was even pregnant). And even now, during my third trimester, we receive comments of whether we’ll try for another after since we’re expecting another girl.

It can be frustrating, especially since most people who make these comments don’t know the challenges we’ve experienced getting pregnant to begin with. But I’ll leave this topic for another post.

My point here is that it’s really only up to you and your partner. 

You can let society, your family & friends, general comments, and sometimes global events to influence your decision making process but ultimately the decision is solely up to you and your partner.

At the end of the day what you want doesn’t need to be justified but you need to be sure it’s really what you want.

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Maria R

I'm a mom blogger and entrepreneur with a two year old daughter. I love silver linings and I'm passionate about creating community. After the fourth trimester, I resorted to blogging and Instagram to help unpack the stages of becoming/being a mom. In the process, I have met many moms who journey to re-discover themselves after their baby. You can find my blog here at MomsBeyond or on my personal blog.
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