I'm Not Conquering the World — and That's OK

I'm Not Conquering the World — and That's OK

Mom boss, lady boss, mompreneur — whatever title you give these ladies, they are impressive. I am in awe of women who are running businesses, working, building empires, or even just getting a little project done here and there because they are all conquering the world in there own way. I, my friends, am not. 

I would love to say that I have used my time as a stay-at-home mom to focus my creativity and lay out a path for re-entry into the workforce in a few years when our twins go to school. I would love to say that I have used my hours on Pinterest, Instagram, and Google to brainstorm ideas for a product the mommy world is sorely lacking (in reality I use them all for recipes, shopping, and stalking dream homes).

My point is that I am not conquering the world in any way, and in many ways that makes me feel really inferior to all the ladies out there rocking our world. We all have 24 hours in the day, right? All of us who are moms are busy, tired, and frazzled, right? Wrong.

Motherhood looks different for all of us. Women that seem to be "doing it all" may feel like they aren't with their kids enough, or they may feel tremendous stress and pressure to provide for their families. They may have full-time help or incredibly generous grandparents that step in all the time to help. On the other hand, these women, who are so admirable for their work, might long to just be home with their families, going to the park, visiting story time at the library, or taking their kids to school.

While I am all for mamas working and chasing dreams, I also believe there is time for all of that, even if it means putting those aspirations on hold for a bit if it suits your family. I have felt judged far too many times when I have shared that I worked full-time before having our daughters. I have been asked more than once how I can tolerate being around toddlers all day. For me, there is value in being able to provide in this way for my family. It won't last forever either. Someday, I'll work my way back into my career, and I hope I'll be welcomed by the moms who are lightyears ahead of me professionally. 

If you ask me, raising compassionate, kind, creative, hardworking kiddos is really how we moms are going to conquer the world. Don't you think? It doesn't actually matter how many hours we work, where we work, or what title we are proud to wear. So in a way, I think that qualifies all of us as a mom boss. 

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Hi there! I’m a mom of twin daughters, wellness coach, lover of fitness, and cooking enthusiast. I am working toward wellness everyday, for myself and for my family, and I believe we are all a work in progress! I am motivated by all of you here and hope to contribute positive, helpful content to this wonderful community. Stay in touch!

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Gabriella J

This is so inspiring, Chelsea! I think you're totally a mom boss. <3

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