Your child will become what you instill.

Your child will become what you instill.

Beautiful, kind, loved, valued. Your child will become what you instill in her. 

It's so easy to get caught up with baby talk, baths, diaper changes, naps, feeds, and everything in between that we miss one of the most important things: REAL PURPOSEFUL interaction with our little babe. Turning the TV for background noise off and putting the cellphones that are always ready to take cute pictures away. I know we don't want to miss a thing and record all her "firsts". However, there is nothing more important than looking your child in the eyes and letting her know who she is. 

What seeds are we sowing into our child's life? Is it seeds of triumph, value, and purpose or ones that poison their potential, defeat their purpose, leaving them with a long lasting impression that they won't amount to anything. WORDS MATTER more than we think and it's so important we are speaking words of life over our children. 

My daughter reminds me every day how much words matter. Our mommy and me talk time consists of me saying: "You are beautiful, smart, worthy, amazing, brave, and wonderful." My Journey girl's face always lights up with her big gummy smile (actually not so gummy now with her two bottom teeth completely in). My daughter hears me, sees me, and knows that what I am saying to her is coming from a positive spirit of love, connection, and truth. 

And if you're like me you've had random people speaking negative words of what's to come always followed by: "Just wait until she starts talking." Or "Just wait until she turns 15." But that's just it, I'm not going to wait and allow the world to tell her who she is and what she will become. WORDS MATTER and she will know through the words that I speak that she matters. 

So come on mamas, let's empower our little ones right from the beginning, so no one can tell them otherwise. Because if we don't, someone else will. 

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This dancing mama is the Founder of a non-profit organization called The Outkast Academy which helps at-risk youth find purpose through the arts, mentoring, and academic coaching. She resides in Valley Village, CA with her husband Storm and sweet daughter Journey Love. Jenny loves performing arts, fitness, cooking, fashion, and blogging about REAL life moments on marriage, parenting, community and everything in between.

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Gabriella J

This was such a beautiful and inspiring read!

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