It's Spooky Season! Three "Must-Do" Items for the Halloween Season

It's Spooky Season! Three Must-Do Items for the Halloween Season

Halloween is almost here, and we've gotten into the festive spirit at our house! We love to decorate with inflatables and more recently, my five year old son has really enjoyed finding a halloween themed gingerbread house (I've had good luck finding the kits for these from grocery stores like Trader Joes and even Kroger) to build with dad (this makes for a really cute photo opportunity too)!

Three of our top Halloween/Fall season must-do’s are:

1. Visit a local pumpkin patch! 

I love to decorate with pumpkins, and enjoy supporting our local community by buying from their farms rather then the grocery stores. Some places even have really fun activities for the kiddos. This year, we got a little bit “extra” and visited two different patches in the Kansas City area. My son, Theo, had such a blast exploring at both farms and really enjoyed participating in some of their activities- like the zip line, corn pit, mazes, tree house obstacle courses, and more! Of course, doing these trips are always more fun with friends too, so we made sure to invite them along!

2. Make a Halloween themed treat together! 

You could get all sorts of Pinterest mom on this one, or you could take the road that I do, and buy pre-made mixes or the break/bake type cookies from the store. No shame in that route momma! My kiddo loves funfetti cupcakes, so we bought a halloween themed box and got orange icing with bats to make them together!

3. Try the Ghost challenge! 

Have you seen people putting sheets over themselves and then sunglasses to look like a ghost and then taking photos while being a ghost doing normal stuff? My husband thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to do this-- but my kiddo absolutely had a BALL doing this together. I think I need to do this whole one with my girlfriends and some wine next time because it was actually super fun! Theo and I laughed so much while he was swinging on the swings and dancing as a ghost! (Check out the link for the behind the scenes of what Theo and I did, including the song everyone has been using for this challenge here!)

Do you have any favorite Halloween time activities you love to do with your family? I’d love to hear how you get in the spooky spirit at your home!

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I'm a wife to a handsome hunk of a Soldier, a momma (to a little boy and fluffy pup), a dreamer, a go-getter, and an Army veteran turned photographer. When I'm not behind the lens, I love eating good food (I'm so spoiled because my husband is an excellent chef!), drinking good wine (and coffee!), and spending time with family and friends. I also love to travel, and my husband and I have a competition to see who can visit the most continents (so far we're tied with four each), but our fave place to vacay as a family is Disney World-- yes, we're those crazy Disney people! I'm a huge talker (and incapable of short stories), and I just adore capturing storytelling images for mommas of their babies for the years to come!

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