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Keeping Your Kids Busy During the Winter Break with Fun Activities at Home

When it comes to summer break, there are camps and activities galore. But winter break presents bigger challenges for parents because of all the holiday prep. There’s so much to get ready with gifts to buy and wrap, holiday meals to plan, and entertaining guests for the holidays.

You probably have some fun places to go on your calendar too. But with little ones, it’s impossible to plan something for every day. Plus, the weather may simply be too cold. Instead of putting Christmas movies on an endless loop, here are some fun activities to keep them busy at home!

Set Up a Treasure Hunt

Here’s an activity that will keep young children engaged long enough for you to wrap Christmas presents. Hide a few key items around the house, away from your holiday wrapping, and set them off on a treasure hunt. It could be old house keys no one uses anymore, gift bows, or even chocolates. The point is that they’ll be busy finding these things and having a ball while they do!

Have Them Make a Holiday Craft

Little ones always love to be helpful. When they keep coming back to ask how they can help for the holidays, set them up with a holiday craft. Have them make centerpieces for the holiday table or other décor. Sure, it won’t look professional, but there’s nothing more precious than these little keepsakes that will bring back memories of how small they once were.

Get Baking

There’s no better time to teach your kids how to be helpful in the kitchen than winter break. With all those holiday goodies, you could use some little elves in your corner. Roll out dough and have them use cookie cutters to help you shape cookies. You can let them decorate too, though if you’re worried about the mess, set up a table with a plastic table covering that you can simply toss afterward for a more stress-free experience.

Bring Out the Board Games

Bust up boredom with a different kind of board…board games! It keeps the kids away from screens for a while and lets them learn in new ways. Let everyone have a turn choosing a game to play and join in the fun. Nothing is better than a fun family game night with some hot cocoa to keep you all warm!

Dive Into the Holiday Spirit

When winter break starts, use it as an opportunity to get your kids excited about making the house ready for the holidays. Let them help you set up the décor, or give them some of the unbreakable ornaments and a section of the tree to fill out. You can put on some holiday music to sing and dance along with too. 

Winter break doesn’t have to be an endless symphony of whining about boredom while inside the house. Just remember that young children love helping out, so use that to your advantage to keep them occupied until the gifts are given and the holiday feast is on the table!

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