Life After Becoming A Mom

Life After Becoming A Mom
February 12, 2019

I recently started a mom blog and fell in love with sharing my family’s crazy, funny, every day life with my followers. I came up with the name for my blog one snowy day last year, when I was in tears over the struggles of just wanting to feel “normal” again. My husband laughed at my outburst of silly tears and said, “what exactly is a normal mommy anyways?” It was in that moment the wheels in my mind started to turn and the name of my blog “Normal Mommy” was born. 

What is a normal mom anyways? I think all moms struggle with wanting to find their own way after becoming a mother. So many changes after having children, and while it’s the greatest blessing one could ever ask for, your life does get turned upside down. It’s hard not to freak out! Once we get over the excitement of pregnancy and the adjustment period of the newborn phase, we tend to stumble navigating through motherhood. We forget how to care for ourselves or take time for self-improvement. Our children become our number one priority. I am going to be honest and say there have been times when I have skipped a shower and lost count on how many days it had been since I washed my hair. There just wasn’t a dry shampoo strong enough to fix that mom look. We go many sleepless nights worrying about if our child is happy, sick, scared, eating right, or making friends. We neglect our relationships and find enjoyment in watching Disney shows. As a mom of small children, we go through a whole new “dating” process of meeting new mom friends too. I say it this way because it is truly like dating again. You meet new people and find ways to interact again while learning who you are as a parent. It can be so intimidating to go on the playground and hope to fit in with the other mom groups. I know I was secretly hoping to make friends, but also meet moms that were cool to be around and maybe even drink a glass of wine here and there! 

Motherhood is hard work. I’ve been thinking about the new show on Netflix that is getting a lot of buzz lately. Marie Kondo is teaching everyone including moms how to organize their lives and bring joy. I thought I would give this concept a try and clear out our closets at home. As I went through some of my things, I came across heels that brought me back to college days, maternity gown that made me think of my first daughter’s birth, and my wedding dress. It's amazing how many memories and emotions can be triggered just by going through some old things in your closet. 

As much as I think about how I have changed since becoming a mom, I realize how much better I have become. The heels in the closet from my younger years didn’t spark the joy that my wedding dress or maternity gown did. The tiny sized jeans I once wore before my mom bod were the first to go. I love the mom I am today. Every curve, every stretch mark, every gray hair, every single part of me that changed on the outside made me the mom I am today. I think the “tiger stripes,” as I like to call them, on my hips have a greater story to tell then the stilettos I held on to for so many years. I may have changed the moment I became a mom, but my gosh I feel so lucky to say that I did. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my quiet moments with a glass of wine and a bubble bath, or the times I run like I stole something out of the house just to get to TJ Maxx alone. I think finding peace with who I am after motherhood is all about balance. Once you find that…. Life just makes sense.

Normal Mommy

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Hi everyone! I’m a stay at home mom of two girls, Sophia and Priscilla. I turned my love of cooking, fashion, and being an every day “normal mommy” into an amazing life of blogging and influencing all things awesome. I live in New England with my husband in an adorable suburbia town and look forward to sharing our family’s adventures with you!

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