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List of Lasts

List of Lasts

The last pregnancy test.
The last belly kick.
The last labor (thank God).
The last sweet first glimpse.
The last welcome home.
The last middle of the night tiny baby snuggles.
The last bassinet beside my bed.
The last day of maternity leave.
The last breastfeeding.
The last night in a crib.
The last first words
The last diaper.
The last pacifier.
The last time carrying a little body on my hip.
The last day of summer break.
The last first day of kindergarten.
The last last day of kindergarten.
The last time writing your name for you.
The last time reading the book for you.
The last booster seat.
The last lost tooth.
The last time I had to be at birthday parties with you.
The last time you let me hold your hand in front of your friends.
The last kid’s menu.
The last Happy Meal.
The last time you needed someone to be home with you.
The last time you had to sit in the backseat.
The last time driving you somewhere.
The last first day of school.
The last school photo.
The last pediatrician's appointment.
The last high school sports game.
The last last day of school.
The last night in your bed before college.

So many bittersweet moments that make up this parenting thing. So many of them we don’t even know are happening until we realize it’s been days, weeks, or even months since they happened. Maybe that’s for the best, as the few that I’m fully aware of seem to leave me an emotional wreck.

Except for yesterday when I pulled out the last diaper to use at nighttime. I'm 100% okay with the thousands of dollars spent on diapers coming to an end... As well as the thousands of minutes changing poopy ones.

Where are you at on the list of “lasts”?

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Leah P

Leah is a big believer that our future lies in raising children who are empathetic and supportive of differences. Leah enjoys finding the humor in parenting and sharing it as a way to encourage mothers to support each other. Once a Division I athlete, Leah still enjoys running and participating in races with her oldest son... even though she is much slower these days. New to the blogging world, Leah shares her experiences as a mom, behavior specialist, runner, and everything in between at
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