Makeup Products with Multiple Uses- To Get You Ready in a Snap!

Makeup Products with Multiple Uses- To Get You Ready in a Snap!
January 29, 2018

One of the biggest challenges of motherhood is how much longer it takes to do things than it did before. Things like eating, taking a road trip anywhere, and even just leaving the house in the morning. (Winter is the worst, by the way. Jackets and hats and mittens, oh my!) In all that, if we have somewhere to be, you can bet things start getting cut out of the routine, or at least shortened.

One of them? Makeup. I love it, and it helps me not look like a zombie. But in the grand scheme of things (like my kids wearing matching shoes and being weather-appropriate), it is low on the list of importance.

That’s why it’s so important that my routine be quick and to the point. I don’t have time to dig in my makeup bag and expertly apply 50 beauty products. I can do 5, maybe 6, tops. Multi-purpose products are magic. And you may not even know how useful all your products are! Here’s a way to cut a few things out of your routine - and cut out half the time as well.

1. Concealer & eye-shadow primer - Concealer is obviously every mom’s number one weapon against under-eye bags and circles, since sleep is out of the running. But did you know it makes the perfect base for applying eyeshadow as well?

2. Bronzer & eyeshadow - Just go a little darker on the bronzer to create a glow-worthy eyeshadow! But then again, real eyeshadow has so many uses, you might not want to give it up. See below.

3. Eyeshadow & eyeliner & brow filler & highlighter - Don’t underestimate your eyeshadow! Of course it can go on your lid. But a dark, or even shimmery lighter color can make an excellent eyeliner, when applied with a precise brush. If you have twiggy brows like I do, dab a bit of matching eyeshadow into the brows and on the edges. And use a lighter color as a highlighter.

4. Cream blush & lipstick - The right color can make your cheeks flush and your lips lacquered. Just make sure you’re using a blush with ingredients you’re not nervous about swallowing!

5. Facial oil primer & dry skin soother & flyaway tamer - I like to add facial oil for a little extra glow, as a primer, and to moisturize and minimize lines. Surprise! It’s also great for rough, dry skin. It makes smooth the excess in your hair for those little flyaway strands. Of course, mascara is always a part of my routine, even though I still haven’t figured out any use for it other than to make my eyes appear to be more open than they are.

What products provide multiple uses for you?

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Jenn is a wife and stay-at-home mom to two sweet boys. During nap time and past bed time, she blogs about faith, marriage, life, and style with little ones at whatyoumakeitblog.com. As a mom, she relies heavily on grace, coffee, search engines, and non-toxic concealer. (Oh yeah, she's a Beautycounter consultant, too.) She dreams of traveling the world, and sometimes of having eight arms like an octopus.

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