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Jenn S
Jenn S
Constantly Caffeinated Wife, Mama, & Blogger

Jenn is a wife and stay-at-home mom to two sweet boys. During nap time and past bed time, she blogs about faith, marriage, life, and style with little ones at As a mom, she relies heavily on grace, coffee, search engines, and non-toxic concealer. (Oh yeah, she's a Beautycounter consultant, too.) She dreams of traveling the world, and sometimes of having eight arms like an octopus.

My Stories

Beauty & Fashion


Tips for Selling Secondhand Clothes and Accessories

My wardrobe always seems to have the same problem. It's either too many clothes, or never enough. There are days I'm cramming t-shirts into drawers contemplating my next trip to...

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Health and Fitness


Sunscreen Basics for You and Your Kids

It's finally summertime! Time for festivals, berry picking, the beach, hiking, playgrounds, and more. And there's also that additional bonus of kicking cabin fever to the curb, and putting a...

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I Can’t Have a Conversation, I’m a Mom

It happens all the time. At church. At preschool drop-off. At library story time. On the phone. I get to chatting with someone, anyone. Two seconds into the conversation, my...

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Beauty & Fashion


Makeup Products with Multiple Uses- To Get You Ready in a Snap!

One of the biggest challenges of motherhood is how much longer it takes to do things than it did before. Things like eating, taking a road trip anywhere, and even...

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An Open Letter to Businesses from Moms Everywhere

Dear Businesses,You likely already have a lot to think about. Next season, next quarter, deadlines, re-stocking, hiring - I get it. But you also have your customers, and this is...

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