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Mom and Baby Workout Classes

Mom and Baby Workout Classes

I took three weeks off before I delivered my beautiful baby and I spent every morning in the yoga studio. I remember telling all of my friends that it was such an incredible gift to have the time to be able to workout everyday. Everyday after my 10:30 yoga class I would see women coming into the studio, with a stroller and a smiling or sleeping baby in tow. The mom and baby workout class would begin at 11:30. I waddled out of the studio, 9 months pregnant and heard these women chatting about how their babies slept over night or how much they are eating or how exhausted they were feeling or what music program they were doing. And then they would head into the studio, set their baby up at the front of the class and get their butts kicked while the instructor took care of the babies when they needed attention. This, I thought, was exactly what I wanted to do once my baby came. And it was always the same women who would show up at 11:30- all smiles, happy to see each other and get some adult conversation in while working out their postpartum bodies.

Three weeks later, I gave birth to my little one via c-section and was told that I couldn't lift anything heavy for six weeks. I'd seen my fair share of hernias post operations before and I didn't want to risk anything so I listened closely to my doctor and slowly got back on my feet over the next six weeks. It was summer so I was able to go on walks everyday with my little one, but I craved the social interaction and the hard core workouts. So when I got the A-OK to start lifting at my 6 week appointment, I went to my first mom and baby workout class the next day. I showed up with my little one resting peacefully in her car seat. The teacher introduced herself and the other moms introduced themselves and their babies. There were a few with babies the same age range as my little one and we chatted about the same things I had heard 2 months ago, about sleeping, feeding, exhaustion. It felt so good to have other moms in the same stage as me to bounce ideas off of and to vent. Then the class started and the first thing I noticed was that my body had taken a beating- I could barely stand on one leg my balance was so poor. The teacher promised me that my abs and balance would come back and I continued on. Throuhgout the class, the babies needed rocking or feeding and the teacher was able to multi task. She continued teaching the class while she rocked one car seat with her foot and fed another baby a bottle in her arms. I was mesmerized. It felt amazing, an hour of hard work and free babysitting, what could be better? I was hooked.

9 months later, I am still taking these same classes with the same instructor and the same group of women. I have made amazing new friends and have got my balance and abs back to where they started before pregnancy.

Do you take workout classes with your baby?

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This year, I became a mom to a precious baby girl. I had just finished my training to become a family doctor and had given plenty of pre-natal, pregnancy and post-partum advice. I had delivered many babies, worked in numerous pediatric wards and clinics and trained under world renowned pediatricians, OBGYNs and family doctors. I had to know everything about pregnancy, childbirth and babies... Or at least that's what you'd think. After six years of training to be a doctor I quickly learned I knew very little about newborn babies and child rearing! So I decided to start writing about what I wish I had learned in medical school and residency to help medical students, interns, residents and moms through this incredible life stage! 

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