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Reasons Why You Should Be Friends With a Hot Mess Momma

I am proud to admit, I am a hot mess momma. I do not have it all together. My house is not Pinterest worthy, nor is it clean on the regular basis. Let's be honest, we are making memories! 

So here are some reasons why you should make friends with a hot mess momma like myself. 

  1. - You never need to feel embarrassed about your house, because mine is probably worse and that should boost your confidence.
  2. - Most days, I can barely function as an adult, let alone an adult who also needs to watch two tiny humans. So if you are having an off day, you do not need to worry if I will judge you. 
  3. - My brain has a special place for any music from the 80s, 90s, mid-2000s, so needless to say, I am really fun to drive in the car with. Whether you are blasting N*SYNC, Greenday, Kelly Clarkson, Shania Twain.... I am your girl!
  4. - My littles are wild animals, they are loud and rambunctious and they too know how to have a good time (they obviously get that from me). I promise you that yours can't be worse than mine. 
  5. - I am ALWAYS down for coffee. Whether it is 4:30 am, or 8:00 pm, if you ask if I want to go get coffee, I will be out the door in 5 seconds. 
  6. - NO. JUDGMENT. HERE. I think that one is pretty self-explanatory.
  7. - I am the girl who is willing to wear sweatpants and three-day-old mom bun hair, but I am also the girl who will get dressed up and go get drinks with you. Say the word and I will be there. 
  8. - I am 100% on board to watch every single TikTok and Reel you send me and laugh right along with you. 

Hot mess mommas have a purse full of snacks tossed around with some hair ties and chapstick. We have emergency clothes and wet wipes in the car, because we have learned the mistakes of not having these things. 

Hot mess mommas not only know how to have fun, but are also here for you and are willing to boost that confidence way up! When we are all in, we are ALL IN. 

Don't be afraid to admit you're a hot mess momma. Because hot mess mommas are a lot of fun!

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Sebastiana B

My name is Sebastiana, but most just call me SB, and I am an adventurer. I've had a wandering spirit ever since I was a little girl and now that I am a mother I get to share that spirit with my tiny humans. My goal is to instill this wandering spirit in those around me and show you that having children doesn't mean that wandering spirit diminishes. It is possible and I want to show you how! I love to share my adventures as well as I also share tips on traveling with kids, photography, and being a woman/momma in the outdoor community.
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