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The Art of Embracing The New Year

We all tend to think of the coming of a new year as a way to trigger the beginning of a new life, of a new self, of a new whatever-- but transformation doesn't simply get put into gear with the flip of a calendar page. It comes with hard work, with resilience, and most of the time...with at least a little bit of failure too.

So often do we look back at the lists of resolutions we'd written at the beginning of the year and pay more attention to the things we didn't do, rather than the things we did. So often do we place more weight onto the things that weren't, as opposed to the things that were-- placing more shame than necessary upon ourselves 

But the changing of years isn't meant to weigh us down with a sense of failure, but rather fill us with a sense of pride.

Pride for having finished the year.

Pride for having made it through each day.

Pride for simply having just tried.

We have to learn how to make these resolutions with the awareness that we are not perfect, organized, super-humans able to do everything we desire without faltering. Whether we are putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, or simply making a mental note of all that we wish to do in the upcoming year, we must remember that all we can do is simply try our best.

Because in the end, that's all we really can do.

So with 2020 nearing closer and closer, here at MomsBeyond, we wish it to be everyone's mission to step into the new year not only with a sense of resilience, but with enough self love to give yourselves a break, to be able to recognize how powerful you are for just doing what you can, and to be able to see the value in simply just trying


Wishing you all a happy holiday and a phenomenal New Years.




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