The Importance of Rest

The Importance of Rest
February 07, 2022

Prioritizing rest is essential. Our bodies were not created to go constantly. We need to recharge at some point, slow down and unplug and as moms, this is vital for our mental and physical health.

I encourage you to schedule yourself time to be still and rest. We won't be productive if we are always pulling ourselves out of a place of burnout. We need balance, and we perform better when less stressed and calm.

Some tips to lessen stress and help you rest:

- An Epson salt bath can do wonders. It not only calms your body, but it relaxes your muscles and provides magnesium. Grab your favorite candle, a good book, and dim the lights. Give yourself some time to relax and unwind.

- Get outside. Nature speaks to us in a way few things do. Get some sunshine and fresh air; not only does this boost your Vitamin D, which helps with fatigue, but it also increases your happy hormone ( serotonin). Fresh air is proven to help clear the mind and increase our oxygen as well as the deeper breaths we take outside cause us to expel more airborne toxins from the lungs.

- Unplug. Our minds and eyes need breaks from these screens. Take a day, a half-day, or even just a few hours and completely unplug and allow your eyes and mind to rest. The time to refresh your mind and reconnect with those around you is essential to our overall health.

- Return tomorrow. Part of rest is knowing when to stop. If something is causing you immense stress or frustration, return to it tomorrow ( if you can), and you'll have a fresh perspective. Then do something to calm your mind and release stress.

 Rest doesn't have to be sleeping and laying around (though we love that type of rest). Rest can also be doing something that gives you life and brings you JOY! So do whatever that is! 

Happy Resting, mamas!

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I'm Tiffany- a positive vibes mama loving life in NC with my daughters, the love of my life Mat and our fur baby.
I am the founder of Towards Health & Hope and a virtual health coach who is as passionate about health as I am with COFFEE! It is my goal in life to help women achieve whole body health that is sustainable and simple, while also finding hope again. I love writing, reading, nature, outdoor adventures and ALL things girly and fashion! So glad you're here!

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