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The Ultimate Mom Pump-Up Playlist

A playlist made for moms, featuring music by moms.

Happy Wednesday, Mommas!  To get you over that midweek exhaustion, we've curated a playlist out of our favourite pump-up songs from our favourite music artists--who also just so happen to be moms! 

So turn up your speakers, plug in your headphones, and get ready to be energized with the help of these tracks...

 1. Sweet Dreams // Beyonce

2. Wind It Up // Gwen Stefani

3. Hips Don't Lie // Shakira (feat. Wycelf Jean)

4. Fighter // Christina Aguilera 

5. Battlefield // Jordin Sparks

6. Stronger // Britney Spears

7. Love Don't Cost a Thing // Jennifer Lopez

8. Rumour Has It // Adele

9. Fergalicious // Fergie,

10. Hung Up // Madonna 

11. With Love // Hilary Duff

12. Try // P!nk

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week and a great weekend.

With love,


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