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Thrifty Worthwhile Activities for When Kids Are Cooped Up

Being cooped up can make anybody stir-crazy, but it’s especially hard for youngsters. Unfortunately, there are times when it just can’t be helped. Here are some thrifty ideas for helping everyone survive those days when you're all stuck inside. 

Engage them with family-friendly gadgetry

Kids are drawn to electronics like moths to a flame, so it’s a natural option for times they are bored. There is an abundance of kid-friendly apps out there for smartphones and tablets, but of course, it’s critical to set up some parental controls before you let your youngsters loose on them. 

If you don’t want to share your own devices with them or are looking for family-oriented versions that can keep up with newer games and apps, Trusted Reviews points out that Lenovo offers some real goodies. Just make sure whatever you select has enough memory, speed, and power to handle newer apps and games, so kids can use them for class time too. To keep your purchase budget-friendly, you can grab a Lenovo coupon from websites like Rakuten. It’s a great way to save on a device that can multitask on everything from fun and games to studies.

A blast from the past

Electronics are versatile and fun for kids, but staring at a screen for too many hours isn’t good for them. In fact, Mayo Clinic says it’s important to limit how much time they spend on electronics in order to keep them healthy. When time is up, why not pull out some traditional playing cards? They are inexpensive, kids can hone math and memory skills, and they learn about sportsmanship. There are plenty of easy games they can play with a simple deck of cards, from Rummy to Go Fish. 

Have a party!

Everyone loves a party, and if your kids are feeling some cabin fever it’s a great way to lighten the mood! You can toss together a box cake mix, put on some dance music, and play old-fashioned party games that are super fun—and free! From musical chairs to charades, kids can burn off excess energy and make oodles of memories. For just a few dollars, you can all have a blast. 

Try-on new roles

Pretending and using their imaginations are important exercises for children’s development, so as Moon Child explains, playing dress-up can be a beneficial experience for kids. It boosts creativity and recall, encourages their vocabulary, helps build problem-solving capabilities, and even helps kids become more empathetic. 

Try setting up a trunk of clothing just for their dress-up play. You can buy after-holiday costumes on sale, pick up clothing items from thrift shops, and find fun accessories at dollar stores. You can even search through your own wardrobe for goofy additions, whether it’s that ugly sweater you bought for a holiday party or sparkling heels you know you’ll never wear again, those castoffs are sure to be winners for your kids!

Make some magic

What kid wouldn’t love to learn some magic? There are plenty of easy magic tricks your kids can learn, and most involve household staples. From levitating a matchstick to making a toothpick disappear, they can even use these simple and low-cost activities to wow their friends! On top of being super entertaining, kids gain confidence and learn about science without even realizing it. It’s a great way to pack school-oriented learning into a palatable package that they’ll look forward to sharing!

When your kids are tired of being cooped up, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to raise their spirits. From gadgets to games, you can pull out all the stops without breaking the bank. And in the end, they will gain learning and fond memories from the experience!

Article written by MomsBeyond guest writer, Josh Moore.

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