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To my daughter

To my daughter

I’m so grateful for the conversation we had the other day about what it means to take care of your health. You expressed confusion about supermodels and the celebrities we see. You listened to me explaining about photoshop and dangerous diets. 

You were horrified when I told you a “famous celebrity” bragged that she ate tomatoes for days so she could fit into a iconic dress. My heart filled with joy when you said the words “she has children! What kind of example is that to them?”

We had a beautiful and challenging conversation, we talked about how I am on a weight loss journey, the importance of me doing this for the “right reasons” and the fact that my internal organs need me to be healthy just as much as my bones and joints.  

I want you to know how proud I am of you, you’ve conquered so much these last few years. You’re learning how to celebrate big wins and small wins. 

Last night, I sat beside a mom at martial arts class and told her how you’re using the stairs to conquer your overwhelming fear of heights.  This mom joined me in celebrating with your dad and I  that you are working so hard, we saw  the joy and pride on your face when you rushed over and said “I climbed 7 steps and put my foot on the 8th.”  We are all so proud of you. 

I want you to never forget how loved you are, how much I love being your mom. I remember the first time i saw you on the ultrasound, i had no idea that hip dysplasia was going to be a huge part of our first year, and autism would enter our lives all those years later.  I just knew that your dad and i were given the privilege to be your parents. 

All these years later, we get to love you and celebrate you. We get to teach you, and watch you grow up. 

I’ll always remember that Halloween when you very politely told a lady “my brother and I have AUTIMISM and his makes him not talk to people and mine makes me talk to everyone and spin around in circles. “ You were so brave and so proud of yourself for that big announcement. 

I named you after your great grandma, she was my hero. She was courageous and stubborn. She went through challenges and experiences that tried to break her.  You are so much like her, you have anxiety like I do, but much like your great grandma if there’s something that your anxiety says you can’t do… you get that Irish stubborn look in your eye and give it a try anyway. 

I want you to never lose that spirit, i want you to go through the rest of your life, tackling every thing that God puts in front of you with the courageous ability to face them. You  know that autism is part of your life forever, and anxiety will be too. As you always say “and thats ok.”

I want you to remember that while you’re not perfect (because no one is) you are amazing. I’m so honoured to be your mom.

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Jennifer A

I’m a mom to a teenage daughter and a preteen son. I’m a autism awareness advocate,
a mental health advocate and I blog about healthy living/mental health, plus autism and selective mutism. I love being able to write about both subjects and especially bring awareness about selective mutism.

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