What Do I Do All Day as a SAHM?

What Do I Do All Day as a SAHM?

So you've probably wondered to yourself or have even asked a fellow SAHM what she does all day, and so here I am to give you a little insight into what I, as a SAHM, do in a day!

Now bear in mind that I am a relatively new SAHM so this is just what I do personally and what works for me and my household. So please don't judge ;) 

It goes without saying that I obviously look after my child and he is my number one priority. 

This includes:

- Making sure he has appropriate solid foods readily available

- Changing diapers ... lots of diapers

- Giving him a bath or wash-up

- Entertaining him with toys and books

- Taking time to actually play with him and bond

- Making sure he doesn't make TOO much of a mess etc, the list could go on...

I also make 99 percent of our food at home for both baby and my husband, so the majority of the time I will be in the kitchen whipping up healthy delicious food.

I also like to make most things from scratch such as: nut butters, plant-based milks, vegetable stock, etc. And although this does take more time for me to prepare, it overall benefits us not only because it's healthier, but financially it ticks all the boxes.

Another pretty common task is cleaning ...

Now that my son just turned one he is much more destructive in the house. He loves to take all his toys out of their boxes and scatter them in all the nooks and crannies so that I can later waste 20 minutes of my life on my hands and knees searching for them. Ah, yes, the joys of motherhood.

I also complete the more common household chores of laundry, vacuuming, mopping the floor, and dishwashing to name a few. 

Now all these physical tasks aside, I always make sure to find time for myself to do personal chores. I always find at least fifteen minutes in my day to bullet journal and read, and sometimes when I'm really lucky I'll have enough free time to be alone with my thoughts and meditate.

I also love to feel organized no matter how unorganized my house may look at times. And so I'm constantly organizing our bills and budgets, as well as scheduling appointments and playdates.

I think making sure you are involved in a social group of fellow Mums in your area is extremely important. Not only will it keep you sane but your child will love the different environments and interaction with other kids and you can enjoy that free coffee and snacks. Win win! 

It goes without saying that being a SAHM is tough no matter how old your child is, how many chores you have to do, or whether you have extra help or not. And so it is really important that we phase out this judging culture that is set around SAHMs because we are all just regular mums with different life circumstances trying to do the best for their family and loved ones. 

So be kind to one another and remember that we all have things to do in life and that doesn't mean that one is more important than another!

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My name is Jessica Cairney and I am a SAHM to a one year old boy named Hamza.
After traveling the world for 6 years and documenting my adventures as a travel blogger, I have now found a new love with being a Mum and so now am all about sharing my stories and journey as a Mum living here in Dubai.
I am also a huge foodie at heart and so love to share my recipes and favorite go to places for yummy food!

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