When the RUSH is Over

When the RUSH is Over
December 16, 2019

I'm watching my brilliant semi-homeschooled daughter finger knit right now. 

She's just finished a bracelet for a friend, and I can't help but wonder WHAT IF. What if her friend saw the epic, earth shattering meltdown "required" of her in order to complete said bracelet project? When I say required, I mean it's expected. In order for her to process life, the excess energy from holding-it-all-together must release somehow... in some way.

Often, when the RUSH is over, my Wild one doesn't recover like you or I.

And this week, she had some important dental work done. I've been waiting for her to process it. Not on pins and needles like I used to, though. Just patiently waiting. Knowing at my core that for almost every gorgeous day we share, there will be heartache.

She did great on Dentist Day.

So, here we are... 45 minutes of heartache later.

Today, I would love to suggest that we all have a bit of Wild in us. When the RUSH is over, we don't always respond well either. Especially as moms. It's exhausting to be "on" in this season (in any season). Whether you identify as an introvert, extrovert, ambivert, or haven't identified with any of these terms yet, it just doesn't matter...

Motherhood demands a lot of us.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

And that's okay. (Can you be okay with this?) It's where we are right now.

I write this and I think of how wise my sweet girl is. The innate wisdom of her body. The knowing of when to release all she's been holding. (A benefit of sensory processing disorder perhaps!) 

Do you know when to release all you are holding? When the RUSH is over, will you allow your body, mind, spirit to release?

I hope this conversation reminds you to. You're worth it.

Cheering you on. Today. Always.

With Love,


aka The Barefoot Preacher

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