Wilderness Big Boy Room

Wilderness Big Boy Room

When Noah was first born and we started his nursery, I had it in my mind that I wanted something bright and colorful. I also did not want to use blues because of the gender stereotype that I was having a boy. I settled on green. He had a two toned bright green nursery. Don't ask me what I was thinking. This was back in 2012 before we all discovered Pinterest and the ever so magnificent Joanna Gaines entered our lives. It was time to update and for his birthday his grandpa gave him a new bedroom set. I know I wanted something that could grow with him as he got older and matured, so we decided on grays. Everything can easily be changed out as he grows and his interests change. 

Besides the big furniture, everything else were DIY projects. We made the three wood shelves out of spare wood we had lying around. His book shelves are rain gutters spray painted in a silver hammered finish.  The teepee is made up of 1x2's, tied together with jute rope, and finished with a drop cloth.  

Here are a few links for items in his room:

Compass Pillow | Metal Bear Head | Metal Fox Head | Little Explorer Sign | Arrow Trio | Old School Lantern | Pine Tree | Bed Frame 

Hope you enjoyed! 


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Hello Friends, I’m Stephanie!
I am a stay at home mama of two busy boys; Noah, my wild and sassy 6 year old and new baby Luke, my sweet, delicious chunk of smiley goodness. I’ve been kept balanced by my not so little man child of 8 years and together we live in the Seattle, WA area. I’m a lover of all things sugar, addicted to DIY, and a pullover for yard sales. Thanks for being here!

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