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Shayla T
Shayla T
Mom, reader, gardening, DIYer with a love of all things food and nutrition

Hello! My name is Shayla, I am a 22 year old mom looking to help other moms become a more sustainable household, while making their lives easier. Not to mention, saving time, money, and becoming the healthiest you!

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Postpartum Depression Isn't Necessarily Sadness

I think we can all safely say that we have heard of postpartum depression...Dunh Dunh DUnnnhhhhh.... Am I the only one that reads all postpartum depression articles in an overly...

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DIY Craft: Repurposing Old Formula Cans!

If you're a formula feeding mom in any way, then you know that after a while the old cans can start to stack up. I can't recycle them where I...

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