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Laura G
Laura G
An understanding Mama. Be kind, be supportive, be mumderstanding.

An understanding Mama writing an honest blog about life as a first-time Mum.

I have an incredible daughter, a wonderfully supportive fiancé and I work full-time in the city of London. I am obsessed with chocolate, coffee and Harry Potter… not always in that order, and there is nothing I’d like more than a good nights sleep!

My Stories

Having 'Baby Blues'

According to the NHS website, many women get “baby blues” within the first week after childbirth. It is common for women to feel emotional, irritable, have a low mood, or...

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The Importance of Dating Your Spouse

I use the term ‘spouse’ loosely – your partner in whatever form your family takes.After time passes, your family grows, responsibilities mount, time and energy is fleeting, and the conscious...

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How to Deal With Unwanted Mum Advice

Once you’ve announced you’re pregnant there is no getting away from it.People will give you advice whether you want it or not. Some will give great advice, some will leave...

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