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Vanessa V
Vanessa V
Wife, Mama, Author, Artist, Book Lady, Food and Country Music lover, Lactation Consultant, Figure Skater

Hey y’all! I’m Vanessa! A stay at home mama to three beautiful children!

Here’s a little about me; I’m French Canadian, my family is my everything, I love music, food, Fall and Winter, Mother Hood, country music, books and art!

From Montréal Quebec, I graduated from Fine Arts at Dawson College in 2008. Art is what kept me focused and helped me grow into the woman I’ve always envisioned myself to be.

On my Instagram page, I like to share fun learning through play activities and crafts for my children and yours! I love to encourage children’s development through play!

I Have an Etsy Shop where I share and create Resin art for children and Sensory boxes! I am also a self-published children’s book author, which you can also find in my shop!

So here I am, candidly sharing with you my art, crafts and learning through play activities I do with my children.

Motherhood has transformed me into the best possible version of myself. My children are my blessings, a God sent gift; they are the reason I push myself every single day, to be a better version of myself for them and to my family, but mostly to myself.

Have a beautiful day mamas❤️


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