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Christina B
Christina B
Mom, Nurse, Runner, Makeup Lover

My name is Christina, I am a mom of four, anxiety warrior, makeup simplifier, and labor and delivery nurse. I have a passion for connecting moms online to create a more positive culture on social media. My mission is to end judgement and teach women that collaboration will always overcome competition. I use my platforms to educate and inspire in all things motherhood from pregnancy to beauty. So happy to be here and share some of my insight into the craziness and chaos that is motherhood.

My Stories

Tips for Low Milk Supply

*Do not take this information as a supplement to medical advice; always check with your provider and your baby’s provider before making choices in your baby’s medical care.You just had...

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Five Things to Consider when Joining a Direct Sales Company

As I inch closer to the age of 40, I have realized that I am finally settling into who I am. At the age of 30, I knew I felt...

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Health and Fitness


It's Ok to Not be Ok with Who You Are: Self-Improvement Resources

It’s ok to not be ok with who you are. In the world today, we confuse self-acceptance with being ok with mediocrity. Maybe you are happy as you are, and...

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Motherhood Hacks


Balanced Motherhood: Prioritize Your Way to Productive

"You can have it all. Just not all at once."-Oprah Winfrey Maybe, you are like me. You have multiple children, a part-time job, and a side "hustle" or two. Every single...

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