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It's Ok to Not be Ok with Who You Are: Self-Improvement Resources
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It's Ok to Not be "Ok" with Who You Are: Self-Improvement Resources

It’s ok to not be ok with who you are. In the world today, we confuse self-acceptance with being ok with mediocrity. Maybe you are happy as you are, and in this situation, embrace it. But if you are unhappy, and the world is telling you to accept you as you are, then this is completely counterproductive. I am a mom of four, a network marketer, nurse, and labor educator. I have an obsession with self-improvement. It is completely ok to continue to grow and learn. This is imperative, especially if you feel stuck in this world. Don’t feel guilt on your path to improvement. You can like yourself, but still want to be more. The key is to keep moving, keep finding resources to improve yourself.  

If you are in a place where you feel like you want to improve, take some time to play a few of these in the background while you are folding laundry or cleaning the kitchen. Trust me, these words of wisdom apply to all aspects of the “working” mom. And, whether you work inside the home or outside of the home, or are a “stay-at-home” mom, you are most definitely a working mom.

Below are 7 of my quick listens for you, when you are searching for "more" in this world:  

1.    Denzel Washington’s Motivational Speech: this is a great speech to listen to anytime you are feeling stuck or need that extra push to overcome setbacks and failures. It will give you chills. Start your day everyday for a week with this in the background, and I promise you will feel a shift in your mind. 

2.    Scott Gellar: Ted Talk on Psychology of Self Motivation: this is an amazing speech that talks about how motivation is all about perspective. People are not inherently motivated, they are inherently lazy. You have to switch your mindset from “I have to” to “I get to”.  

3.    Jenna Kutcher: Five Things to do When You Need Motivation: Jenna’s Podcast is always uplifting, and she shares so many amazing tips for your busy life. If you are short on time, you can speed the podcast to 1.5 times the speed, and listen to this even faster.  

4.    Mel Robbins: How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over: this is one of the best Ted Talks I have ever seen. This is the Ted Talk that put Mel on the map. She talks about counting down from 5 to 1 whenever you feel like "not" doing something, and by the time you get to 1, you are up, moving, and getting after it.  

5.    Dr. Alia Crum. Change Your Mindset, Change the Game: this Ted Talk dives deep into how your mindset can make the biggest difference in your outcomes. You find what you look for, so make sure you are looking for what you truly want.

6.    Ed Mylett and Dr. Amishi Jha. The Nueroscience of Mindfulness: it is fascinating to hear how the brain can change with time and intentional thought, this is an amazing summary of how a mindfulness practice can benefit your life. 

7.    Allie Casazza and Emily Siegel : The Purpose Show. How to Make Space for What Matters and Change Your Whole Life: I stumbled upon Allie's Instagram account a little while ago, and I was instantly in love with her content. She shares a different take on balance, and helps you prioritize what really matters.  

Take a little time if you are needing a mindset shift, and listen to one or two of these. Save them for reference when you are needing a reminder. Remember, you are amazing, but it’s ok to want to be more amazing. Erase the guilt of wanting to be better. It’s ok to improve, and to constantly be learning.  

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Christina B

My name is Christina, I am a mom of four, anxiety warrior, makeup simplifier, and labor and delivery nurse. I have a passion for connecting moms online to create a more positive culture on social media. My mission is to end judgement and teach women that collaboration will always overcome competition. I use my platforms to educate and inspire in all things motherhood from pregnancy to beauty. So happy to be here and share some of my insight into the craziness and chaos that is motherhood.
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