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Mother of 4 Bettystown @Emmalennon

Girl mom to identical triplet babies and a tween, hairstylist, unofficial agony aunt, partner, friend, gratitude enthusiast


Working From Home With A Toddler

Working from home is hard. Working from home with a toddler is hard. Working fro...


"I don't know how I do it, but I just do": Reflections of a Military Spouse & Mom

Last night, as I sat on the front porch with a new friend having a glass of wine...


Please Don't Talk About My Weight

Weight and body image are both touchy subjects in general, but this is even more...

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    toddler mom, reader, music lover, blogger, single parent

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    NICU Mama, Teacher & Inspirer

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    Mom of 4....3 boys and a girl ???? lifes busy ...

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    Mom of none but I wanna know how to get ...

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    Design + Minimal Lifestyle MumWhen Less, Is Morewww.whitebrick.blogMom, Minimalist, Design, ...

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    Mama//blogger//candle lover//tea addict //vegetarian//yoga lovin' wine enthusiast //


Development of Lockdown Babies

All the girls were born very well, premature at 33 weeks.They spent some time in the NICU and we go ...


Getting through Covid with Triplets! Our Family Experience of Coronavirus with 4 Kids

Hello and welcome to my second article for Moms Beyond! I’m writing this in my house whe...


Those Back To School Butterflies

I have one daughter to get back to school this year and it’s a minefield navigating that with 3 ba...

I’m an Irish mammy to 4. A working mother of daughters and partner to David. My girl gang are identical triplet baby girls (15 months old) and an 11 year old tween. After a rocky road to get pregnant, 10 years after becoming a young mum we welcomed spontaneously conceived triplet miracle babies into our family during a global pandemic, lockdown and under heavy maternity restrictions meaning I did a lot on my own.
We are navigating our new normal coming out of the lockdowns and getting back to work as a hairstylist and exploring the world.

I’m sharing our journey along the way. The highs, lows, tips and tricks

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