Those Back To School Butterflies

Those Back To School Butterflies
September 07, 2021

I have one daughter to get back to school this year and it’s a minefield navigating that with 3 babies and a job too! 

Kacey (11) will be missing the first two days of the new school year as she is on holiday in Turkey making memories with our extended family. We were supposed to take our first ever family vacation but with a massive backlog in the passport office here in Ireland due to lockdowns, our triplets passports did not arrive in time for us all to go. Myself and my partner David stayed at home with the little ones (15 months) and got back to work while Kacey got to have a well needed break with aunts, uncles, cousins, her granny and even her great grandparents! 

You would think I would have taken this unexpected time to prepare... Well.... I did not ? Please tell me I’m not the only one who leaves things last minute! had envisioned myself ordering everything I needed online on my phone from sunny Kusadasi. Instead, I’ve spent the last two days frantically trying to organise everything from scientific calculators to violin lessons with sniffley and sickly triplets in toe. 

Thankfully, Kacey’s school does not require a uniform and the school does a book rental scheme for the majority of the books, but of course I left it to the last minute to get all the other books, workbooks and stationary she needs, thinking it will be a breeze. I need to remind myself that doing anything properly with triplets requires military precision! Nothing is ever “a breeze”. Our local bookshop were out of stock of every single item I needed. I could have kicked myself for being so unorganized. Again ? Of course, it was too late to order online to arrive in time so I had to travel a few towns over to get what I needed. I have just about everything ready for the big day on Monday. I hope. 

Kacey always has back to school butterflies, but they’ll disappear when she gets into the classroom and meets her new teacher and classmates. I’m so excited for her to catch up with friends and swap stories of all the adventures she had during the summer break. I’m also looking forward to getting back into a routine so hopefully we won’t need to go back to online lessons and google classroom this year.  

Personally, I enjoyed having her home a lot last year and she did so well at home school, but you can’t beat the classroom and socializing in my opinion! Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson this year and I will be better next year. I’ll be a super organized ninja mom by the time the triplets start school!

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I’m an Irish mammy to 4. A working mother of daughters and partner to David. My girl gang are identical triplet baby girls (15 months old) and an 11 year old tween. After a rocky road to get pregnant, 10 years after becoming a young mum we welcomed spontaneously conceived triplet miracle babies into our family during a global pandemic, lockdown and under heavy maternity restrictions meaning I did a lot on my own.
We are navigating our new normal coming out of the lockdowns and getting back to work as a hairstylist and exploring the world.

I’m sharing our journey along the way. The highs, lows, tips and tricks

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