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Kelly B
Kelly B
I am a mom, dog lover and an expert in ADHD: Teens are my Jam!

I'm a Certified ADHD Teen Life Coach: (Teens are my jam!) and creative mind behind the Teen RockStar Program: a 10 month academic long year program of support and partnering with High Schoolers.

I pursued and completed my coaching training certification at the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iACT Center), an ICF accredited program and the rest is history!

I created the Teen Rockstar program as I realized High Schoolers, who are neurodiverse, need support throughout the academic long year. Staying on task, breaking down barriers with motivation, getting started, procrastinating, uncovering coping skills, while being someone in their corner who believes in them, are just a few benefits of my program.

I reside in my “Happy Place” of Pinehurst, NC. where I'm a mom of two incredibly opposite teenage boys, Brady and Bryce, and wife of a workaholic hubby, Tim.

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