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Candace N
Candace N
A busy mom who wants to be your personal encourager!

I'm Candace, a busy Mama of 6 blending a big family and running a business all from our home. Time is my greatest currency so when I’m not working you can find me playing or cooking with my kids. I love visiting and encouraging everyone to do more of the things they love. Working from home as a VA was once a dream but is now my reality and I love encouraging other Moms to beat on themselves.

My Stories

3 Fights I No Longer Pick

As the weather gets nicer and children are so eager to play outside do you find yourself saying the "Yes you need a coat" verse on repeat? It shouldn't be...

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Motherhood Hacks


Always Rushing?

Do you have a rushed child? A child who is always rushing usually for no reason. I do! I feel she has been like this since the day she was...

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The Handshake

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and better understand how the pioneers raised kids. The “yes sir,” shaking their hand "hello", holding the door for ladies kind...

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Be Like No One Else

I have a very strong-willed, independent six-year-old daughter.Without her knowing, she reminds me that patience isn’t something I was born with, but yet something I pray for and work for...

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