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3 Fights I No Longer Pick

3 Fights I No Longer Pick

As the weather gets nicer and children are so eager to play outside do you find yourself saying the "Yes you need a coat" verse on repeat? It shouldn't be this hard I often tell myself. 

Children are naturally made to withstand far more I truly believe. When they are playing and having fun that is all they are thinking about. It just boggles my mind. My three-year-old's nose can look as if he should be playing Rudolf in the school play and yet he will argue he is not cold. They genuinely see fun as the front of life. Oh, to be a kid again am I right?! This Spring I have made my mind up though I am adding the coat fight to my list of fights I no longer pick. 

Now before you start to think that is very careless hear me out. There is a point where they will recognize their body is cold. It has happened numerous times in the last two weeks. And then low and behold my darling toddler will come and ask me to help get his coat. But when it is his idea, it is far less of a fight or even a chore. I don't mind fighting when I must keep them safe, but I have run this experiment a few times now and each time he will get his coat on just not at the exact moment I would like. It had a natural consequence. 

Another battle I no longer have to pick with my children is having my girls brush their hair every day. Now, my girls are 9 and 6 years old. We have been brushing and styling their hair each day for many years but last summer it was as if our hairbrushes took summer vacation also. After two times of sitting down and having to have mom brush through the rat's nest ... they don't miss a day. Again, natural consequences.

And the last fight I no longer fight is letting them take items to school. Now I am not talking cell phones or tablets (those stay home regardless) my first grader loves to take little toys to play with on the playground. I used to argue and argue, and it always ended with her upset, and my morning is ruined. And really for what? If it gets lost or taken ... it's one less toy at home. If the teacher believes it is a distraction, they can take it. This didn't have to be a continuing battle I had to fight. 

I know it is hard to not feel in control especially when it comes to our children, but I am here to inspire you to take a second look at a battle you are constantly having with your child. Is it the end of the world if we let them? I know in many cases for me it is not. It is me having to release the grip and trust that they can make a good choice when they need it. Pick your battles Mama.

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Candace N

I'm Candace, a busy Mama of 6 blending a big family and running a business all from our home. Time is my greatest currency so when I’m not working you can find me playing or cooking with my kids. I love visiting and encouraging everyone to do more of the things they love. Working from home as a VA was once a dream but is now my reality and I love encouraging other Moms to beat on themselves.

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