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Happy Hearts and Well-Behaved Kids: Strategies for Bringing Children to Weddings
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Happy Hearts and Well-Behaved Kids: Strategies for Bringing Children to Weddings

A wedding day sparkles with the promise of lifelong commitments and the gathering of close ones to share in the bliss. Among the guests, children often find themselves amid these celebrations. Their presence brings a certain liveliness that only the young can bring to the occasion.

At the end of the day, however,  these are still rowdy children. Left unchecked, they could threaten the sanctity of the occasion. To prevent these kids from causing a ruckus, it’s important to understand what bringing kids entails, and what you can do to deal with those unique problems.

Kids at Weddings 

The laughter and playfulness of children can infuse weddings with a special charm. They view the world through a lens of wonder and in their eyes, a wedding becomes a fairy tale come to life. Including children in such a significant event means acknowledging their different needs and attention spans. You and your fellow mom friends will have to be very patient with these energetic tots. Improper handling of your kids turns one problem into two.

Potential Problems

Here are some of the issues you’re going to worry about when dealing with children at weddings.

Attention Span

The serene moments of a wedding that adults may appreciate—vows softly spoken, the gentle melody of a first dance—are often lost on children. They might find their patience waning as the minutes tick by during the ceremony or the speeches, which can lead to restlessness and discomfort. The last thing you want is a tugging at your gown as your child asks when it’s time to leave.

Energy Levels

Children are synonymous with boundless energy, moving in leaps rather than steps, their voices a constant hum in the background of life. This energy, while delightful in many contexts, can be at odds with the composed nature of a wedding. They might find the urge to dash down an aisle or turn the dance floor into a sprinting track, potentially taking attention away from the wedding couple.

Disruption Risk

Emotions run high at weddings, not just for the couple at the altar but for all in attendance. For children, who often wear their hearts on their sleeves, a wedding can be a rollercoaster of emotions.  These emotional expressions, whether tears of frustration or shouts of happiness, can easily clash with a tender moment during the wedding.

Special Menu

Kids are especially picky eaters. The cordon bleu might not exactly be to the tastes of the average six-year-old. When kids get hungry and there’s nothing for them to eat, those emotional outbursts are likely going to happen. This is especially true if the wedding didn’t have children in mind while making the catering menus.

The best ways to deal with children at weddings

Here are some of the practical things you can do to alleviate the worries of bringing children to a wedding.

Comfort Measures

Kids need a space where the formality of the occasion gives way to the coziness they're accustomed to. Comfortable seating that hugs their small frames and room to stretch their legs are not just niceties but necessities. It lets them work off all that energy while waiting for the ceremony.

Engagement Options

The simplest option is giving kids a smartphone or tablet of some kind, but that’s not feasible for parents who want to shave down on tech time. Instead, try to give them simple games to do within the wedding venue, such as toys and coloring books.  That said, avoid overpacking on these “safety measures”. It’s a wedding, after all, not a daycare. Pick and choose only their favorite activities.

Food Choices

The way to a child's heart is often through their stomach, and a wedding menu can either be a path to happiness or a recipe for a meltdown. A spread that includes the simple, the familiar, and the undeniably tasty speaks to children in a language they love.  Focus on bite-sized portions and vibrant colors. Kids tend to appreciate the vibes more than the taste at that age.

Supervision Plans

Guidance is a subtle art when it comes to children, especially amid a wedding's splendor. Assigning trustworthy adults to the task of overseeing the young guests lifts a weight off the shoulders of the parents. Bringing along a babysitter, especially if you have duties to attend to during the wedding, is the best bet for you, the children, and the wedding guests.

Final Thoughts 

Incorporating children into a wedding is an art that balances their needs with the event's rhythm. When done thoughtfully, children end up enhancing the wedding. Their joy brings smiles and laughter that fit quite nicely with the happiness of a wedding celebration. As long as you’ve measured the risks and come up with plans to settle them, bringing kids to a wedding doesn’t need to be stressful for anybody.

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