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How Moms Can Shop Smarter by Using Credit Card Points

If there’s one thing shoppers have in common, it’s their love for swiping their cards. But there are still some little secrets that shoppers might be missing out on – credit card points. Many still don’t know the power that these points hold, from giving you huge discounts for family groceries to free flights. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail what these credit card points are and how you can take advantage of them. 

What Are Credit Card Points?

Credit card points are points that you accumulate by using your credit card. These points depend on the credit card you use – some allow you to earn in miles or cash-back categories. After every billing period, these are updated to reflect your current points balance. Because credit cards have different point systems, it’s worth choosing a credit card based on the rewards they offer. For example, if you’re looking to travel more frequently, choose a credit card with an excellent miles conversion on your airline of choice. Or a shopping credit card might get you a better bang for your buck compared to other credit cards. 

Do note that many credit cards charge an annual fee, so it’s better to choose a card that you’re willing to pay for based on their rewards system. But there are also a few ways to get around this. Waiving your annual fee is possible on a case-to-case basis – like, for instance, if you reach the required minimum spending amount for a certain time frame. 

How to Shop Smarter by Using Credit Card Points

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. We’ve crafted a few tips for you to shop smarter just by using your credit points (plus a few nuggets of wisdom). Here’s how you can do it:

Have a Budget and Stick to It

Let’s get this straight – you can’t expect to shop smart when you don’t have the budget for it. That’s why it’s best to live within your means. To do this, assess your monthly expenses including bills, groceries, housing, child care, and other essentials. Allocate a reasonable amount for shopping and stick to it. That way, you avoid overspending and prevent an overflowing shopping cart. This holds true for moms and moms-to-be, that’s why sticking to your budget is a smart move to giving you and your family peace of mind. Yes, that designer bag may look tempting – but if it’s beyond your paygrade, you might have to wait a little bit longer before you can strut around with it confidently.

Use Your Cards for Big Purchases 

As much as possible, try to use your credit card for all kinds of purchases to easily rack up points – this is most especially applicable to big purchases, like buying gifts for the holidays. It helps to time them strategically, too, based on your issuer’s quarterly bonuses. For example, you might earn double the amount of points when buying furniture this quarter compared to previous ones – that might be the perfect time to buy a new bed for your growing kid!

But when we say that you must use your credit card often to quickly climb up the ladder of points, we mean that you shouldn’t be overspending or getting into a huge amount of debt. That might make your bills harder to pay in a timely manner. This won’t be good for your credit score – that’s why keeping an eye on it is crucial to building your credit limit for larger purchases and emergencies. If a higher credit limit is what you aim for, go back to our previous point. Mamas must stick to their monthly budget. 

Take Advantages of Rewards Programs

Before choosing a credit card, it’s best to read the fine print on the type of rewards program that it offers. Not all credit cards are made the same, just like how a frequent flyer might prefer a card with an excellent miles conversion or a shopaholic might choose a card that incentivizes online shopping. 

If you can’t decide, other issuers have flexible rewards programs. This is the perfect option for the undecided. Later on, you might want to transfer your points to a specific supermarket’s loyalty program. These loyalty schemes give you access to huge discounts, giving your wallet some breathing room before the next wave of expenses comes in. Or later on, you might want to splurge on a family vacation to Hawaii. With a flexible rewards program, you’ll have the chance to transfer your points to a loyalty scheme depending on your needs or wants – whether it’s for your monthly grocery runs or even your future travels. 

Watch Out for Promos 

To make the most out of your credit card points, be on the lookout for promotions. These promos incentivize you to spend by providing irresistible discounts. Not only do you get a better deal on that cute dress you’ve been eyeing, but you also earn points by using your card! It’s a win-win situation. Or some banks offer cash-back promotions when you meet a required spending amount in the grocery – a perfect time to stock up on some healthy snacks for the little ones. Surely, waiting for these promotions is one of the best money-saving tricks you can ever do as a mom. 

Keep an Eye on Welcome Bonuses

If you’re looking for a new credit card – one where you can get the most value for your points – consider applying for a card that has a welcome bonus. More often than not, you’ll have to reach a minimum spend requirement within a certain period to claim the welcome bonus. And sometimes, this welcome bonus comes in the form of points or cash-back rewards. 

Alternatively, some card issuers give you bonus points when you successfully refer a friend to apply for the card. Other issuers also entice shoppers with limited offers, like when spending on a specific category or shopping with a particular retailer. If you want to make the most out of your credit card points and earn even more to get huge shopping discounts, don’t ignore these bonuses. 

People shop for different reasons – for buying that stunning outfit, for buying monthly groceries, or for tickling that retail itch. Whatever your intention for shopping is, it’s worth knowing how credit card points work to make the most out of your cards. By using them frequently, you might even get to waive your annual fees! But we all know moms don’t have it easy with the many responsibilities they have – so spend within your means and shop smart! 

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