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3 Ways to Toddler Proof Your Christmas Tree
Motherhood Hacks

3 Ways to "Toddler Proof" Your Christmas Tree

Kids Will Be Kids

Let’s face it. Christmas trees are pretty much toddler magnets. They’re big and bright, sparkly, and full of dangly things. What more could a 2 year old ask for? But if you’re like me, you like to keep your tree up well into the New Year, and you don’t want to spend those weeks redecorating and protecting your precious tree. This means you'll have to Toddler Proof your Christmas Tree. So, here are a few tips to save your tree, time, and sanity. 

1. Ditch the Ornaments

This is the route I took this year. We decorated the whole tree, and of course our 1 and 2 year old daughters took down every ornament within their reach. Last year I kept rehanging the ornaments and trying to redirect and distract the girls but this year, I left the tree as is. Now that half of the sparkly ornaments have been removed, they don’t even give the tree so much as a second glance. It's a dream come true. My hairdresser told me she doesn’t even decorate her tree. She lets her 9 foot, pre-lit tree stand in it’s own glory, and her 1 and 4 year old leave it alone. So if you want your toddlers to leave you tree alone, consider leaving it undecorated. 

2. Get a Fence

If you have enough space and you just can’t bear to leave your tree undecorated, this is a great method for limiting your toddler's access to your tree. I personally think my toddlers would just see this as a challenge or a game, and take to climbing the fence, but every child is different. It's worth a shot. 

3. Place it Far Away

If you're able to put your tree in a room or area that your children don’t go into frequently, this might solve your issue. If it's out of sight, your toddler may forget all about it and your tree will be able to rest in peace. 

Preventing Toddler Tree Wrecking is a Full Time Job

The holiday season is one filled with joy and happy memories, but also a lot of work for busy mothers everywhere. The last thing we need is an additional endless task of protecting the Christmas tree from our toddlers. We understand why they want to kick, pull, and climb under it. BUT, we still don't want them to do it. So hopefully these tricks work to keep your tree safe this year, and for the years to come. 

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