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Joanna T Follow 13 Days
Bryanna U Follow 8 Days

Bottle with breast milk

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Diana A Follow 13 Days
Elizabeth S Follow 20 Days
Shaliysa S Follow 20 Days
Shaquale M Follow 28 Days
Simran P Follow 1 Day
Vanessa P Follow 29 Days
Christian P Follow 25 Days

My daughter was preemie she will be 4 in June.

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Vanessa P Follow 1 Month
Brooklyn H Follow 26 Days

Preemie mom here! 29w, 5d

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Diana A Follow 1 Month
Lexus D Follow 1 Month

Yess girl , me too . My daughter will only eat the same foods everyday & they gotta be cooked to her expectations it’s like raising a Gordon Ramsey lmao.

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Mia J Follow 1 Month
Ameysha S Follow 1 Month
Jennifer B Follow 1 Month
Kate G Follow 1 Month
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